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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me price my equipment so that it will move quickly?
Yes. We will be glad to assist you in establishing a fair market asking price for your machine. Selling a machine is similar to selling other items such as cars, boats, houses, etc. There is always a buyer depending upon the price. Our goal is to work with you to meet your need and net for you the best amount we can for the machine. Depending on your specific needs, we have (3) basic methods for selling equipment:

  • Time is not an issue. Basic machinery marketing. If you can keep the equipment at your facility with no time limitation, we suggest placing the equipment on our main website (www.exfactory.com) under the appropriate machine category. Our website averages about (3,300) different visitors each day. This method can bring you the highest dollar amount for your equipment.
  • Liquidation. If you need to dispose of the equipment within the next (2 - 4) months, we suggest featuring them in our "Liquidation" area. If you have several machines, we will gladly include them in a special, dedicated liquidation section on www.exfactory.com and send targeted email broadcasts to speed up the process! - You should know that in a liquidation, the net amount you'll have after the sale is generally lower because of the time restriction.
  • Auction . If you have to dispose of the equipment NOW, our auction site is the best way. We'll need to establish a reserve price for each machine prior to the auction. Typically we can move the majority of your equipment in (30 - 45) days.

What can I do to get the best price for the machine that I'm selling?
Good photographs of the equipment will increase the value of the equipment more than anything else. Be sure to thoroughly clean the machine, as well as the surrounding areas when taking photos. You should supply at least (4 to 5) photos of the machine: A good general overview of the complete machine and additional close-up photos of the critical areas with doors and sound enclosures open.


Do you provide some kind of warranty on used equipment?
Warranties are available on used equipment. Most equipment sold through EX-FACTORY INC carries a basic functional warranty, to ensure the equipment arrives in the manner described. Reconditioned equipment is offered with a warranty supplied by the technician who does the work. These types of warranties vary greatly so be sure to inquire as to the specifics of any warranty offered.


Can I inspect the machine under power?
The majority of equipment can be inspected under power. In some cases a unit may be in storage where power is unavailable. If necessary the Seller can typically run power to a machine if a deposit is offered prior to purchase.


What is the actual location of the machine?
Our equipment is located throughout the Unites States, Canada, Mexico and the rest of the world. We provide regions or groups of states to allow you to hunt for equipment closer to you. A salesman will be glad to give you the actual location of the machine as part of the sales process.


Are prices on used equipment firm or negotiable?
In life everything is negotiable. The pricing and sale of equipments are no different than cars or houses. We are motivated to sell equipment and will always work with a buyer to establish the best price for equipment.


Can you provide a technician to install the machine if I purchase from you?
Yes, We maintain a network of qualified technicians for all types of woodworking machinery. We will be glad to find a technician in your area to assist you in installation and training.


Where can I get service/parts and support for one of these (used) machines?
Parts and service are typically provided by the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer. We will be glad to provide you with the contact information for the OEM on any equipment purchased through us. Occasionally OEM's do go out of business and we can usually locate a comparable part or source for parts on equipment. Most people find that seeking a local source for routine parts or a machine shop for castings is more cost effective and simple than going through an OEM.


I really don't know anything about the company that built this machine. How can I tell if the brand and model of machine is a good choice for me?
We maintain an archive of old Literature and a database of old OEM's. We can provide you with digital copies of any literature we have available and contact info for the OEM's. We've been selling used equipment since 1989 and maintain a database of over 70,000 used items. We can tell you how often we've sold a similar unit and offer feedback from other customers.


The machine listing doesn't say why the machine is being sold. Can you find out for me?
We can certainly find out the specific reason a machine is being sold. Even as the majority of equipment on the market is available due to upgrading existing equipment. This leaves the old equipment as surplus or taken in on trade through another dealer. The other major source of equipment is through lending institutions who contract with us to market and re-sell equipment they need to mitigate their losses.

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