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AES - VEGA 5X 1632, ...5-Axis CNC Pod & Rail Machining Center:

Machine Specifications ÷
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2017  |  Brand New w/Warranty
The Best VALUE for a 5-Axis machine in the market!
Asking ...$ 124,700

ALBERTI POLAR CN Twin Table 5 Axis PTP with Liquid Cooled Router
Universal 6-axis (three in interpolation) Machining
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2004  |   Rebuilt w/Warranty
Alberti "Polar CN" Factory Checked
Asking ...€ 95,400
Region: EUROPE

AXIOM AC-35-16 5-AXIS CNC Router with Tool Changer:

Compact design combined with a p
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2017  |  Brand New w/Warranty
AXIOM High value 5-Axis CNC with "Top of the Line" electrical & m ...
Asking ...$ 179,900

AXIOM BMW-FS8121A 5-AXIS CNC Router with Tool Changer:

Compact design combined with
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2017  |  Brand New w/Warranty
Asking ...Please call
Region: TAIWAN

C.R. ONSRUD F122ES24 5-Axis CNC Router with (24) Tool Changer;

C.R. ONSRUD F122ES24 5-Axis CN
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2016  |   Like New
This machine was sold to mill aluminum and used only for 2 months ...
Asking ...$ 255,000

CMS Avant 1B/770 Heavy Duty 5-Axis Machining Center.

5-Axis CNC Router for processing compo
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2005  |   Like New
Very "fast tool changing" CMS -5-Axis; great for long bar and rai ...
Asking ...€ 165,900
Region: EUROPE

CMS PF 112-2ATC/XZ-2RR 2PCP Twin (2) 72" (1,830 mm) x 72" (1,830 mm) Moving tables.; "Lignostone" tables surface wi [Read More]
2002  |   Very good condition
Great machine for gun or stair part production.
Asking ...€ 109,900
Region: EUROPE

CMS PF 4C4 TUCU, 5-Axis machine built for high speed and precision routing/sizing/milling/triming and surfacing of wood, composites, [Read More]
1999  |   Reconditioned
Hurry: these 5 axis CMS machines sale fast.
Asking ...€ 127,400
Region: EUROPE

CMS PF-3126-4TRORCU 4-Axis CNC Router with (4) Router Spindles and Dual Tables; ; 4-Axis CNC with Twin (2) [Read More]
  |   Reconditioned
A large 8' x 17' overall cap. Twin Table CMS with (4) Spdls and " ...
Asking ...€ 147,800
Region: EUROPE

CMS PK 4800 TUCU 5-Axis CNC Router with Tool Changer;

A very versatile 5-Axis CNC Machine for routing
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2003  |   As Is Condition
Hard to find a CMS 5 axis machine for less than $100,000!
Asking ...$ 68,900


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