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Equipment # RC-300064
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Category: CNC Routers
Brand/Model: AES EXTREME LINE 1632
Year of Mfg: 2019
Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: 220/380 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Appr. Repl. Cost:  125,000
Leasing:  2,468/Mo.
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AES - EXTREME LINE 1632, ... Nested Base CNC Router with Loading & Unloading System:

5' X 10' Single-zone Stationary Aluminum Grid "MATRIX" table with Traveling "Bridge Gantry", Boring Head, ATC, and Auto Loading & Unloading System


  Working Field: X-Axis is 125.98" (3,000 mm); Y-axis is 62.99" (1,300 mm); Z-axis stroke is 7.8" (200 mm); max. material thickness 5.1" (130 mm).

Square grid pattern allows use of vacuum pods or closed cell rope gasketing material and use of spoil boards for "nested base machining".

  Positioning Speed: X- & Y-Axis 2,365 IPM (60 MPM), Z-axis at 780 IPM (20 MPM).

YASKAWA Brushless, high torque AC Servo motor drives control on all axes.

High precision "Rack & Pinion" system in X- & Y-axis & ground ball screw Z-axis.

All components ride on THK precision profile linear guideways.  

  Boring unit: HSD Drilling Head, 3 HP (2.2 kW), variable speed from 4,500 - 8,000 RPM motor.

(10) Independent vertical spindles on 32 mm centers, (7) spindles in X-axis & (3) spindles in Y-axis.

  Spindle and ATC: 12 HP (9 kW) HSD Air cooled electro spindle with HSK F63 adaptor; variable spindle speeds from 1,500 - 24,000 RPM.

(1) 12-Position ATC rotary tool magazine located at the back of the gantry and traveling with the X-Axis.

  Operator & Machine Control: OSAI Industrial PC Front-End with: Windows "7" operating system; 17" high resolution LCD flat-screen; ergonomic keypad; compatible with most CAD/CAM software in the market.

Program & Data transfer via USB ports or downloading by wire is possible via serial port connections for RS-232, RS-242 & Ethernet adaptor; 

OSAI Control offers incredible list of functions from (a) auto-diagnostic to (z) zooming; controlled acceleration & deceleration, encoder feedback, dynamic tool correction via PLC due to active tool wear using space-and-time criteria.  

  CAD/CAM Software: ALPHACAM "Essential" 2D CAD/CAM package, the most efficient and widely used CAD/CAM software in the woodworking industry, is included with machine. This package includes 3D Engraving and is Upgradable to full 5-Axis so it can grow with your business.

ALPHACAM - As easy as you need it to be and as powerful as you want it to be.

 System Includes

 ● (1) Automatically Indexing Lifting Table - Panel stack specifications: Max. panel stack height is 700 mm (27.55"), max. panel stack weight is 4,000 kG (8,800 Lbs), max. panel stack misalignment for X-axis is 30 mm (1.18") & Y-axis is 5 mm (0.19").

The panel stack indexes up to the machine worktable height, allowing the suction cups to grip the top panel. 

 ● (1) Workpiece Loading Unit with Suction Cups - Vacuum device with row of suction cups mounted on backside of gantry bridge grip the upper panel of the stack and move it up to the machine table support stops.

Max. weight of single workpiece to be loaded is 200 kG (440 Lbs), max. panel thickness is 30 mm (1.18"), min. panel thickness is 10 mm (0.39"), min. workpiece to be loaded 900 x 1,600 mm (35" x 62.9").

This device includes a detecting system for correct panel positioning during loading operation. 

 ● (1) Workpiece Outfeed Pusher (Rake) - Device is mounted between the machine uprights and pushes the workpieces towards the unloading area on to the Offloading Belt Conveyor; integrated dust collection  cleans the spoil board or machine table in the process.

The Conveyor is equipped with a top mounted automatic valve controlled dust collection manifold; it opens during the cut parts offloading operation; cleaning exhaust outlet diameter of 300 mm (11.81"), exhaust air speed 30 MPS, exhaust air consumption 7,600 cbm/Hr. 

 ● (1) Outfeed Conveyor Belt - Powered belt capable of moving components from the machine table to the unloading position.

This position is equipped with a photocell automatic detecting system for the belt start/stop & push button for belt manual positioning. 

 ● (1) "Touch Probe" & Spoil Board Measuring Device - For detecting the worktable and supporting panel height (spoil board, pods or fixture) & for detecting tool length. 

 ● (1) BECKER" 250 cbm/Hr Vacuum Pump
 ● Handheld Remote Control Pendant. 
 ● Automatic Lubrication System to 19 Central Points. 
 ● Pneumatic Part Location Referencing Pop-up Pins

  Safety system: Safety enclosure around the spindle carriage; photocell safety sensors & perimeter fencing; machine prewired to accept safety mats.

  Supplied with: Comprehensive technical documentation & manuals and covered by 1-Year Parts & 6-Month labor warranty.   

 Available Options:
 ● NC Controlled C-axis for 360° horizontal processing.
 ● "Cabinet Vision" software for cabinet & furniture parts.
 ● Manual or automatic label printing & Manual or automatic Barcode scanning/reading. 
 ● This machine is offered in LH or RH configuration.
NOTE: EX-FACTORY has a similar AES Nesting System under power & available for inspection at our Zeeland, MI Showroom!
Region: MIDWEST (Click Here for Regional Map)
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Note:   Incredible price on a complete 5' x 10' CNC Line with Loading & Off loading!
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Written By:   Jim Petrin ext. 306
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