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Equipment # FT-010615
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Category: Flat Table Machining Centers
Brand/Model: BIESSE ROVER A 1536
Year of Mfg: 2016
Condition: Like New
Elect./Voltage: 200-600 V, 50/60 Cy, 3Ph
Appr. Repl. Cost:  220,000
Leasing:  N/A
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BIESSE ROVER A 1536 FT CNC Flat Table Machine  with ATC, Boring and "C" Axis: 

5' x 12' "Matrix" grid phenolic surface for "Nested Base Manufacturing"

  Working capacity:
"X" Axis 148.2" (3,765 mm), "Y" axis 61.4" (1,560 mm), "Z" axis stroke is 12.7" (324 mm), max. material thickness 6.7" (170 mm).

  Positioning Speed:
"X" Axis 279 FPM (85 MPM), "Y" axis 197 FPM (60 MPM), "Z" axis 98.4 FPM (30 MPM);

"X" & "Y" Axes use a precision rack & pinion system, "Z" axis uses precision ball screws.

All axes movement is on precision linear guides & ways and controlled by digital, brushless AC Servo motors.

All motion components are maintained by an automatic lubrication system.

  Work area:
Flat table design with "Matrix" grid phenolic surface for "Nested Base Manufacturing",

(14) External pneumatic pop-up stops for piece positioning at 4 corners of workstations; Automatic NC controlled (8) zone vacuum table.

Prepared for (optional) "quick fit" vacuum outlets for optional clamping of small or awkward shaped parts; with "quick connect" vacuum outlet for custom vacuum pods & fixtures.

  Boring Unit:
(1) 2.5 HP (1.7 kW) - 6,000 RPM motor: (10) independent vertical spindles, (5) in "X" axis & (5) in "Y" axis.

(1) 17.7 HP (13.2 kW) Air cooled "HSD" Electro-spindle with HSK F63 adaptor, RH & LH rotation; variable speed from 1,000 - 24,000 RPM.

(1) NC Controlled "C" axis for 360° horizontal processing°; Air blowing/cleaning device for Electro spindle with 4 nozzles

(1) 16-Position ride along tool changer for "on the fly" ATC. 

NC controlled presetting for the measurement of the tool length

  Operator & Machine Control:
PC Front End with: Biesse "BH 660" + "BiesseWORKS " + WINDOWS "WRT" (Windows Real Time) operating system;

19" LCD Flat screen monitor; server, full keyboard & mouse all mounted on a mobile cart;

Intel(R) Core i CPU; 8 GB RAM memory; 500 GB (SSHD) hard disk; Dedicated graphic card; DVD reader; USB ports; Ethernet card for network connection capabilities.

"BiesseWORKS" graphic interface makes full use of the operating methods typical of the Windows operating system: assisted graphic editor used to program machining operations; programming and guided creation of parametric macros.

Import of CAD and other external software files in DXF and CID3 format; 3D simulation of the tool path, calculation of machining time & the ability to create rotate virtual faces.

  Complete with:
(2) 300 m²/Hr (10 HP/7.5 kW) BUSH" vacuum pumps; Hand Held control pendant; 

Automatic program update according to the tool length; Automatic Lubrication system for linear guides, pads and re-circulating ball screw;

Universal Auto-Transformer for voltages between 200-600 V, 50/60 Hz; Tele-Service capabilities; Perimeter Safety System & fencing; 

  Options Include:
IR compressor and dehumidification unit as pictured.

Biesse "bSolid" 2D CAD software running in Windows environment that allows to design the final product, define its machining & work table set-up, simulation of part machining's in 3D + generates the 2D program, fully parametric; 

  Software Disclaimer:
EX-Factory, INC offers NO warranty or support, written or implied concerning any/all "optional" or "additional" manufacturer or 3rd party software supplied with this machine.
All software related issues including re-licensing fees/requirements/functionality & training is ultimately the sole responsibility of the "Buyer". 

Actual Model is BIESSE ROVER A -1536.

Region: NORTHEAST (Click Here for Regional Map)
Comment: Premier
Note:   Seller States "Purchased the machine new 5 Months ago"...virtually new, less than 100 hours!
Dimensions:   Available From Product Manager
Weight:   Please Call
Written By:   Bob Bullin ext. 346
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be inccorect, please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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