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Category: Flat Table Machining Centers
Brand/Model: HOMAG BAK 41
Year of Mfg: 2001
Condition: Very good condition
Elect./Voltage: 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Appr. Repl. Cost:  235,000
Leasing:  N/A
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Working capacity "X" Axis 177" (4,500 mm), "Y" axis 48" (1,220 mm), "Z" axis stroke is 7.8" (200 mm), max material thickness 2.3" (60 mm).

  Positioning Speed
"X" & "Y" Axis 197 FPM (60 MPM), "Z" axis 98 FPM (30 MPM)

AC Brushless Servo motors with digital drive and linear guides ensure high speeds with a smooth acceleration-and-deceleration.

  Work Table:
Phenolic Flat-Table design with (14) double side "pick-n-place" vacuum pods;

Laser aided positioning of the vacuum pods according to the selected program

  Edge Banding unit:
Floating "hot melt" glue pot & application roller with separate thermostats apply glue on the panel edge. 

Pneumatically controlled pressure roller with manually adjustable guides for coil & strip feeding; numerically controlled with encoder that measures strip feeding process; preheated tape magazine with warning sensor when the end of the spool is near. 

Pneumatically activated saw blade performs the end trimming for precise fitting of overlapping joints on adjoining edges. 

Precisely applies 0.4 - 3 mm ABS, 1 - 3 mm PVC & 0.4 - 2 veneer with 45 mm max. edge height (65 mm without edging). 

Inside radius min. 30 mm (1.18") to accommodate a 90° corner, outside radius depends on the flexibility of the edging material

The edgebanding is automatically applied to square or irregularly shaped parts as the CNC manufacturing head rotates along the "X", "Y" & "Z" axis &  simultaneously rotates the tooling on a high precision "C" axis. 

(1) 6 HP (4.5 kW) liquid cooled electro-spindle router with HSK F63 adaptor, variable speed fr 1,500 - 18,000 RPM,

NC Controlled "C" axis for 360° horizontal processing & contour edge banding.

(1) 4-position "on the fly" plate-type rotary tool changer, max. tool dia 7.08" (180 mm)

  Operator & Machine Control:
"HOMAG" NC 83 +  "WoodWOP" 4.0 + "WINDOWS NT 4.0 operating system; 

Icon driven with a graphical interface to allow the operator to quickly and efficiently create programs; Pentium processor, 8 MB RAM, 8 MB hard disk; VGA video card.

17" color LCD monitor, 1.44MB  & CD ROMx32 drives, connection to an office PC is possible (up to 300 meters). 

Multitasking operating system, input/output modules, axes override, 4-axis interpolation, diagnostic graphics aid for programming, machine data & tool management. 

WoodWOP Editor Module for PC with same look and functionality of software on the machine, allows transmission of programs and work lists from an office PC (PC not included): 

  Complete with: 
(1) 100 m³/Hr vacuum pump; (1) 2-coil tape magazine; perimeter protection cage, safety mats, user & maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams and operation of Numerical Control. 

  Options Include:
(1) Combination Snipping and Corner Rounding Unit; (1) Corner Rounding Radius Cutter Head; (1) Combi-Flush Trimming Scraping Unit; (1) Flush Trimming Unit;

  Actual Model is HOMAG OPTIMAT BAK 41/45/G
Region: MIDWEST (Click Here for Regional Map)
Comment: Safe Buy
Note:   Seller States "this machine was installed new by Stiles in 2003...under power & available for inspection"!
Dimensions:   305" L x 177" W x 106" H
Weight:   15,000 Lbs
Written By:   Bob Bullin ext. 346
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be inccorect, please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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