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Category: Software
Year of Mfg: 2019
Condition: Brand New w/Warranty
Elect./Voltage: NOT APPLICABLE
Appr. Repl. Cost:  11,000
Leasing:  213/Mo.
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ALPHACAM ADVANCED ROUTER has all the functionality of Essential & Standard Plus capabilities for complex 3D machining strategies and more...

Advanced Router is a full CAD/CAM software suite providing all the design and programming capabilities required to fully program your CNC Router.  Alphacam is the easiest to use and at the same time provides all the power you need.  Alphacam has become the industry standard especially among the CNC Router owners.

This module offers all the functionality of the Essential and Standard packages with additional support for complex 3D machining strategies, solid model importing and feature extraction, constrained parametric part creation and so much more.

Essential Operational Capabilities:

  Routing: Ease-of-use is just one of the reasons that Alphacam is the industry standard and system of choice for programming CNC Routers. Tooling and machining techniques unique to this industry are accommodated by Alphacam’s dedicated Router Modules.

  CAD Import: DXF/DWG, IGES (surfaces only, versions later than IGES 3.0 and up to and including IGES 5.3), STL

  Machining: User defined tool library, tool direction settings (include inside, outside, left and right), vertical rough and finish machining, contour/linear/spiral pocketing with unlimited islands, 3D engraving, drill/peck/tap & bore holes, automatic lead-in/lead­ out, G41/42 tool compensation, automatic calculation of speeds and feeds.

Cut corner options include straight/roll round/loop, add/remove support tags, adjust feed rate around corners, operation and tool path editing, automatic tool path update upon geometry modification (associative machining), machining styles.

  Nesting:  Automatic rectangular and true shape nesting of geometries and/or tool paths picked from the screen and manual nesting.

  Also Includes: CAD to CAM, Multidrill, Convert Raster to Vector, AutoStyles. Shading or wireframe mode, 3D view, ghost tools, single steps, rapids, all zoom functions and Wire frame simulation.

Standard Operational Capabilities:

  Design: 3D Geometry and surface creation/manipulation and workplanes

  CAD Import: Rhino 3D (*.3dm)

  CAD Utilities: move dimensions.

  Editing Functionality: Auto/2D/3D editing mode, set geometry Z levels, 3D project (3-axis), wrap onto surface (3- axis), and reverse tool side on surface.

  Viewing options: material/fixture as solids, drawing surfaces in layer color, and multiple windows/view ports.

  Machining: Cut spline or polyline (3-axis), auto-Z routing/pocketing/drilling, routing/pocking using sloping sides, routine/pocketing using profiled sides, residual routing (take account previous machining), vertical sawing, vertical sawing around arcs, 3D surface machining (parallel 3-axis, Z-contour roughing), user defined code, set start point(s) on pockets, edit feed rate at point along tool path, edit Z point by point along tool path, and definable clamps/fixtures.

  Nesting: Nest list creation, nesting form a nest list, sheet database, and area estimate from part or sheet.

  Also Includes: Solid simulation.
Advanced Operational Capabilities:

  CAD Utilities: Fold/unfold, develop to flat, join parts with bridge, link adjacent circles, and magnify, define new Alphacam fonts, and geometry macro recorder, draw material/fixture as solids, drawing surfaces in layer color, and multiple windows/view ports.

  CAD Importing: DXF/DWG, IGES, Rhino IGES (as solids), CADL, VDA, ANVIL, 3D XYZ Points, ACIS, Autodesk Inventor, Parasolid, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, STL, Part Modeler CAD files.

  Machining: Overlap on open elements, machining or pocketing of holes, sawing at definable tilt angle, 3D lead-in/out, 3D approach moves, enhanced 3D surface machining options, 3D solid machining (3-axis, Z contour roughing), tool axis conversion (3-axis), and convert 3D tool path to helical arcs, and movable clamps/fixtures.

  Also Includes: Definable machine configuration and full machine simulation, VBA editor, solid model feature extraction utilities, and parametric constraints.

Alphacam Advanced: Designed for those deal with complex designs, and freeform patterns and need something more! 
Region: SOUTHEAST (Click Here for Regional Map)
Comment: Premier
Note:   ALPHAcam...As powerful as you need, yet as simple as you want!
Dimensions:   Available From Product Manager
Weight:   Please Call
Written By:   Amanda Solomon ext. 374
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